Balloons & Venue Decor for all occasions

Balloons for all occasions

Personalised Balloons


We offer the extra special touch of offering personalised Bubble Balloons, these balloons give the big wow factor and really create a personal touch. 

Within Bubbles with can insert Feathers, Small Balloons, Small Numbers, Confetti & Petals. 



Framing your cake or entrance to you door can really grab alot of attention as well as finish your decorations within your venue. 

Organic Garlands

Garland balloons, organic garlands

Organic Balloons are the new rage and are absolutely beautiful, they are extremley eye catching and last for weeks. 

Clusters of Balloons to Numbers

Number balloons

We offer cluster balloons to sit on the table or floor, our balloons are treated with special treatment to make  them last longer. 

We also offer number balloons in a variety of colours, Rose Gold, Silver, Pink, Gold and much more 

Foil Balloons


Foil Balloons come in many shapes and sizes and last for around a week if they are looked after correctly.

Stuffing Balloons


CJK offer stuffing balloons which are great fun at Easter and Christmas. We are able to put your gift inside a balloon which adds the extra personal touch. 

Please note gifts have to be a suitable size.

Balloon Walls


Balloon walls are great to have as a backdrop, these can be made to many different size.

Linked Balloon Arches


A fabulous way to highlighy the  entrance  to your event.